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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 11, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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eric sticking around for the after the show show. tomorrow, dr. keith ablow here. he'll tell if you you're normal or nuts. and one of the stars of "the hunger games." >> that's right. after the show show about to begin. eric is going to play again for us. >> yeah. >> they brought their instruments. >> why not? bill: what a start with a fox news alert. new details we're learning in the mister what happened to that malaysian airlines flight 370. moments ago, they have the identity of those two people traveled with the two stolen passports as the search widens for the missing plane and 239 people. it is as much a mystery as it was yesterday. i'm bill hemmer. that's where we start in "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. interpole just relate these photos. you saw the frantic scene with the picture taken of these two photographs of the these two passengers, said to be iranian citizens, that boarded that plane in malaysia. officials believe they were
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seeking asylum in europe but stressed so far they have found no ties with these two men to terrorism. bill: martha, there are reports that the plane may have flown for an hour after disappearing from radar. that expands the search area by hundreds of miles. we lead this morning with steve centanni in washington. tell us about these two iranians. >> reporter: bill, they had valid passports they used to enter malaysia. they would have passed any routine border check but southeast, that southeast asian area is a hotbed for stolen passports and other stolen documents. that is probably where they traded their iranian documents for two european passports. listen. >> we know that once these two individual arrived in kuala lumpur on the 28th of february, they boarded flight 370 using different identities.
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a stolen austrian and a stole rentallian passport. >> reporter: those two men were identified by interpol. malaysian police say they talked to the mother of mohammed madi. she was wait in frankfurt for her son trying to gain asylum in germany. raise sachs is also seen to be as asylum seeker not suspected being terrorists. bill: how unusual do experts tell you that can be. >> reporter: it is very rare. it i points to some midair catastrophe or explosion or disintegration in high altitude that would create a very small debris scattered over wide areas and making it difficult to locate. planes are ships are expanding their search area and still nothing has turned up. one source told reuters that the
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malaysian jet tracked it over the straight of ma lukacs where -- malacca which is far for. they don't know of any psych lodge come problems among the crew or passengers that could have led to sabotage or suicide. bill: steve centanni leading our coverage there. martha has more now. martha: u.s. navy joins dozens of planes and ships from several countries scouring hundreds of square miles of the ocean searching for this missing plane. the uss kidd is one much two destroyers now not area conducting helicopter searches. and uss pickney is searching the northeast part of this area. several other u.s. surveillance aircraft are out there helping out. bill: the big question, how does a jumbo jet with 200 people on board just vanish. experts say it is not really that hard. really? why searching for this plane
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might be looking for a needle in a haystack. you see the redboxes on the graphic. in 35 minutes we'll show awe bit more. it is a large plane but it's a big ocean out there. we talked about how shallow it is relatively speaking, 300 feet maximum depth rather in the gulf of thailand there is also an area of land that is still a possibility as well. that is deep, deep jungle we'll look at. martha: now they have to look over the land as well. open remote areas where the plane could have gone down. we'll have remote coverage as the search continues. fox news alert for you. last minute push for obamacare enroll deadline. march 31 is the last day you can sign up to avoid the penalty. the obama administration is unleashing planned parenthood to help out in the mad scramble to help out before then. they are holding enrollment drives in 18 cities across eight states. a total of 500 different
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community events and outreach by planned parenthood as they try to get potential enrollees at everything from soccer games and grocery stores. stuart varney joins us, from "varney & company" on the fox business network to join us on the latest marketing plan essentially, stuart. >> you have 20 days left to the deadline and the administration is desperate to sign up far more people, more young people and especially more paying customers. the most public thrust for this sign-up campaign will indeed come from planned parenthood. those eight states, i will go through them in a second but they are regarded as having the greatest health care needs. planned parenthood will flood flood those eight states. arizona, florida, george gas, colorado, florida, new americas coast, texas pennsylvania and ohio. as you said, martha there will be 500 events. tabling wit be set up outside grocery stores, sporting events, 20,000 doors will be knocked on.
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500 different events and flooding into those eight states pressuring for more sign ups before the deadline 20 days away. martha: we know they skirted potential, the goal from seven million, they backed off that number big-time. they wanted to, they now have around three million we understand, right? they're kind of making the goal a little bit closer. >> yes, as of february there were 3 mill 299,000 people enrolled. what does that mean? fully paid up? who are the people, we don't know. the numbers are very soft. planned parenthood has a budget well over a billion dollars a year and roughly 1/3 of that comes from the federal government. that means that about a third of the money spent on this push to sign up for obamacare, that comes from the federal taxpayers. so there is even more money being flooded into obamacare, get them to sign up. and it is coming from the feds. martha: that is just the most recent. we've seen a lot of public money
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has been spent to push the program despite more than half the country does not seem to be in favor of it. thanks for the update. bill: full-court press coming from secretary sebelius admitting they're not going to reach their enrollment goal but says things are running smoothly relatively speaking. >> the goal is really the outreach to as many people as possible. we have published regular updates and reports but what we know is we're not likely to reach all of the uninsured this year. this is a program that will grow over time. what we've seen is that january had about 50% more than signed up in december. we're seeing a rise in the young and healthy signing up. we're seeing strong february. bill: well, despite some of those assurances the number of people that had insurance plans canceled tops six million americans. martha: a federal investigation is now being launched into the obamacare site in maryland. the state exchange is catching a lot of attention of lawmakers
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after it enrolled fewer than half of more than 77,000 that they were expecting to have by the end of the month. in a few minutes we'll talk to congressman andy harris. a member of the house doctors caucus and one of the maryland lawmakers that request feds look into what went wrong here. we've seen oregon, a number of states falling way short what they had expected. they spent a lot of money. bill: a lot of money. martha: taxpayers want to know. bill: so will you sign up before march 31st? you have 20 days now. send us a tweet @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. we'll get to some of your responses throughout the next two hours. talk to us on twitter weill we're on the air. eight minutes past the hour. people heading to polls in florida today to vote in a special election being closely watched to gauge the possible impact obamacare will have on midterms. republican david jolly squaring off the against the democrat alex sink. john roberts watchings that live in largo, florida. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, bill. this is a test of messaging for the midterm elections particularly for the republican side. jolly campaign, national congressional committee, outside groups have been hammering democrat alex sink for over support for obamacare. sink says the affordable care act is flawed, needs fixing but contends it is better than was there before. as she visited campaign workers yesterday on the eve of the election, i put the question to her, do you think this election will be a referendum on obamacare? >> i really don't. when i'm out and about i hear a number of different issues that people are concerned about, like protecting social security and medicare. they're frustrated with washington and believe that washington is not working for them. >> reporter: republican david jolly believes not only is this a referendum on obamacare but on the president himself and he predicts big things for republicans in november during the midterm elections if he pulls off a win today. >> if i win this race tomorrow i think there is no question republicans hold the house in
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november but i also think it means we take the senate, the sentiment, national sentiment is so exhausted by this president and his party's view of government and frankly the recent failings of his admin vision that it is time for a change. >> reporter: interesting to note that while sink has gotten a big endorsement from former president bill clinton, president obama has not come here to florida to campaign for her even though he was in key largo over the weekend, bill. bill: that is interesting. 9:00 in the morning, john. any idea how the vote something going just yet? >> reporter: well, election day is really more like election two months here in florida. so far there have been 125,000 absentee and early votes cast. if you look at raw numbers, republicans have number of ballots cast or returned. two big questions bill, we have to look for, what is the potential for crossover vote? looks like democrat has bigger potential than the republican
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does. how many votes will the libertarian candidate lucas over bitake from the big party candidates? interest has been pretty high in the special election. 27% of eligible voters cast a ballot. that compares with the last special election in florida in 2010 for the 19th congressional district where only 15% of people cast ballots. not expecting a lot of people to come out on election day. bill: weather's nice. martha: looks pretty good. bill: have that going for you. >> reporter: can't beat it. bill: john roberts in largo. thank you. >> we have a packed show, folks. a lot coming up as we look for the searching plane, missing plane rather that went down, malaysian airlines flight. what a story this has become. we'll talk about what may be hindering this search at this point. bill: pro hockey player collapsing on the bench with his teammates. scary moments in dallas and we'll tell what you happened here. martha: justin bieber unplugged
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martha: new protests getting out of control now in ven venz. the scene in caracas. look at the pictures. police taking on antigovernment protesters. this as president nicholas maduro announces 11 more arrests, saying people taken into custody are responsible for lighting a metro booth on fire. the demonstrations going on over a week now and leaving at least 21 people dead. bill: there will be an investigation into one of the worst state-run obamacare websites in the country. maryland has enrolled about
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38,000 people in obamacare since its rollout five months ago and will not come close to the goal of 77,000 by the end of march despite spending more than $200 million. maryland congressman andy harris, member of the house doctors caucus requesting an investigation. he is my guest now. sir, how are you? good morning to you as well? >> doing well, bill. bill: what is going on in your state? >> well, you know although they claim 38,000 people enrolled, the latest numbers are that only about 20,000 have actually paid a premium and at that price it cost them over $10,000 per premium-paying enrollee. bill: how could this thing go so poorly? i mean -- >> we don't know. bill: that is almost laughable. >> i mean the total bill is going to be over 261 million, a quarter of a billion dollars. hundred million from the federal government. they're way under their
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enrollments an this is just a failed exchange. the state refuses to investigate on its own. this is a one-party run state where the lieutenant governor is running for the governorship. he was in charge of the rollout and everything was being brushed under the rug. that is why i asked the inspector general of hhs to take a look into maryland because no one in maryland was taking a look. bill: what do you expect to find? >> well they will look at the contracting process. they will see, this was a contract that was let out, outside the normal procurement process. there was apparently very bad oversight of contractors. i'm not sure anybody knew how to run this kind of a business, how to oversee this kind of business. they forged ahead, spending over 200 million taxpayer dollars on exchange they knew didn't work on day one. bill: they did know that? are you convinced of that? >> absolutely. it crashed, it crashed in the first few hours on october 1st and has never
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really regained usefulness. most of -- bill: i apologize for interruption here. are you saying that you can prove they knew the thing was going to crash or it would not work the way it did? >> actually the preliminary investigation that was done in maryland which was stopped earlier this year indicated they were told by all the contractors and the vendors this was not going to work t was not ready. they decided to forge ahead anyway. bill: you're working with jack kingston, republican out of georgia. the statement that the two of you put together, by end of the year more than $100 million, federal dollars will have been spent on a project that should have cost much less and doesn't work. as a result of the fact that maryland appears willing to waste tens of millions of more federal dollars we ask the investigation start immediately. do you have a sense about what this will cost in the end? and i, as you ask you that question, this is just one state now. >> absolutely. again the estimate is it is
6:19 am
$261 million by the end of next year. and that doesn't take into account they're considering now just dropping the maryland exchange and either transferring it over to the federal exchange or importing another state's exchange like connecticut that actually did work. so the costs could actually be higher than a quarter of a billion dollars. bill: minnesota apparently has had some problems. hawaii had problems. oregon had problems. maryland is highlighted. i know where the sign-up is now i know you think the numbers is a bit dubious, how do you explain how you could be far off the mark even if these are at taken at face value? >> the website doesn't work. this is a faulty product. the problem is the people don't want to buy the product. the other thing that maryland had about 70,000 cancellation notices sent out and when president reversed policy and allowed those policies to continue half of them did.
6:20 am
i guess they were counting on canceled policies to go into the exchange and ended up not going there. bill: if the website worked, would the numbers be better? >> i don't think they would be that much better. again, although if these websites worked around the country the president would not have delayed the individual mandate as well as delaying the, what he called substandard policies a few months ago but now are perfectly adequate for his purposes. so it is all wrapped into one bundle. i'm not just sure, i think the policy is defective. coupled with bad implementation, it is just a fiasco nationwide. bill: point taken. republican from maryland, getting a federal investigation into a website that cost hundreds of millions of dollars already. thank you, sir, for your time today. >> you're welcome. bill: martha. martha: these are some frightening moments when a pro athlete collapsed on the bench right in the middle of a game. >> and something's happening at the dallas bench.
6:21 am
there's, seems to be an extreme situation at the dallas bench. >> stop the game. martha: my gosh. what happened to that hockey player that forced officials to postpone the rest of the game? bill: also, marking three years now since the tsunami, that sparked a nuclear crisis in japan. seriously? the last thing you need is some guy giving you a new catalytic converter when all you got is a loose gas cap. what? it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! and i have no feet... i really didn't think this through. trust the midas touch. for brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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martha: this is a scary situation last night at an nhl game when dallas stars forward rich peverly suddenly collapse on the bench. >> something is happening at the dallas bench. there's, there seems to be an extreme situation at the dallas
6:25 am
bench. >> stop the game. martha: they picked up on it right away. there was a scramble going on, you can see the doctor over him for a moment as they tried to get medical attention. the game was later postponed after he was hospitalized for what doctors are calling a cardiac event. casey stiegel is live in dallas. how is he doing, casey? >> reporter: good morn. we're happy to report the 31-year-old player listed in good condition at a dallas hospital this morning. you saw the video that the medical event center staff at american airlines arena where this was played, he was able to be conscious again. didn't happen on the ice. right after peverly collapsed on the bench the fellow players began beating hockey sticks on the board to get attention of officials. when that did not work they started coming out right on the ice as the game was still being played. the blue jackets were leading
6:26 am
1-0 in the first period when it happened. the game was eventually postponed and coach ruff praising everyone who sprung into action there. >> it wasn't for our doctors and all the members reacting so quickly and so efficiently, we could be standing here with a different story. they did an absolutely fabulous job. >> reporter: then nhl by the way has not yet said when this game is going to be rescheduled, martha. martha: does he have a history of heart problems like this, casey? >> reporter: yeah he really does. he just underwent a procedure, in fact six months ago to correct an irregular heartbeat. that was discovered when he got his physical at the start of training camp. then he had to miss a game last week because of the same issue. he also missed preseason and season opener because of this particular medical condition. he made his stars debut in the october 5th game against
6:27 am
washington. clearly his teammates are aware of this preexisting condition that he has. they look out for each other. it is a very tight-knit family as you can imagine. they know what to look for and thank goodness they got the attention of those officials right away last night, martha. martha: we wish him well. casey, thank you very much. bill: he came to, he said coach, how much time is left in the period? martha: my gosh. 31 years old. thank goodness they know what he is going on. hopefully he is better soon. poor guy. bill: imagine the teammates. martha: scary for them, absolutely. bill: lawmakers in the senate burning the midnight oil but not over debt ceiling or crisis with russia or syria. it was an all-night talkathon about global warming. there is no bill on the floor of the senate. so critics are asking, what is the goal here? martha: what's up with that? we'll talk about that. speak about weather, absolutely gorgeous today in the northeast. first time we've said that pretty much all year. just look at that. you can see central park through the trees.
6:28 am
winter though, and the whole snow thing, not over, not so fast, folks. meteorologist maria molina will have the forecast for the next big snow dump that is coming next. ♪ okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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bill: finally some spring-like temperatures but do not get iced to it america. it will feel like 35 today in chicago. it will be like 38 in minneapolis. it will be 70 in cincinnati. the parts of the country will get a new round of snow starting later this week and maria molina from the winter that will not go away. hello, maria. >> hello, bill. good morning. hello, everyone. we have a brief warm-up coming up for many of us. we're already feeling it across the mid-atlantic northeast and especially parts of georgia and the carolinas. look at the highs today. you will be in the 70s in places like washington, d.c., louisville and also kansas city. we could see a high at 60 degrees in new york city and mid 50s in the city of boston but by tomorrow colder already starts to move in through portions of midwest and great lakes. chicago, you will be dropping into the 20s. and by thursday, new york city you're dropping down into the 20s. that is your actual high
6:33 am
temperatures. in the city of buffalo it will only get up into the teens come thursday afternoon. we do also have a winter storm that will be impacting portions of the midwest as early as tonight. four to eight inches forecast out here. we have number of watches, warnings in effect. chicago, you are currently under a winter storm across parts of interior northeast, many of these areas could see more than a foot of snow. we do have winter storm warnings in effect out here. the storm starts late tonight, into tomorrow morning, parts of up state new york and into the midwest and it continues through the days on wednesday. bill: oh, my. that is cold and flu season, maria. >> warm up and back down. thank you. martha: well, it has been a long night on capitol hill. senate democrats hosting an all night talkathon. not on the crisis in ukraine or unemployment. instead they side decide to take to the floor in the senate house
6:34 am
they dominate and talk a lot about global warming. >> we have the ability now to reduce our reliance on oil and other fossil fuels, increase our production of clean energy and create good-paying jobs that can never be outsourced. >> it is critical, critical that we leave our children and grandchildren a sustainable planet with a promising bright future. >> if you went to 100 doctors and 98 of them said you were sick and should take medicine, but two told you you were fine and should do nothing, what would you do? climate change deniers to wake up. martha: all right. rich lowery, editor "national review" and fox news contributor. bob beckel, former democratic campaign manager and key host of "the five" on fox news channel. i don't get this they're in the house, in the senate, rather which is dominated by democrats. usually a filibuster you do to try to talk the other side down and so there t preaching to the
6:35 am
choir, bob. there is no legislation at stake. >> there is no legislation and interestingly enough, three or four democrats didn't show up. by the way they're from energy states. so, which i understand. martha: what does that prove? there is no legislation, nothing at stake? >> first of all, a lot of this take quite seriously as issue but beyond that people believe it will be election issue. i for one do not believe that there are people that believe it will be, particularly in california where the drought is severe around attribute it to global warming. >> bob, i got to get your reaction to this central point there is no legislation. >> that's right. martha: they're not pushing a vote on anything. so what are they doing? >> well, you know, there was legislation that was passed in the house about two or three years ago and failed in the senate. and so -- martha: on cap-and-trade. >> cap-and-trade, right. i think what they want to do is revive a bill and boxer is the head of the committee that does that my guess she will come out with something.
6:36 am
have another debate. they will vote on it. won't get enough votes to overthrow a filibuster and will die. they want to keep the issue alive. i don't frankly blame them, what are you going to talk about, national flower week? nobody is doing anything up there. martha: what do you think is motivation, rich. >> harry reid, they control the senate. they could have gotten something through committee and had a senate vote. could have had big demonstration and horrible and poisonous politics for red state democrats threat in the senate races. last time they brought this up a year or so, they lost 13 democrats. this issue is a loser for them. that is why you try to appease the base by talking but not actually doing anything that will hurt any of your vulnerable senators. >> you look at some major issues we're dealing with right now. i know you feel strongly about global warming you file it is an important issue. the only reason i'm going at it, i don't understand why they're not having the guts to put out legislation there and vote on it and see what happens on it.
6:37 am
a lot people say we're dealing with serious situation with russia right now. we have labor participation rate that is the lowest that it has been in 30 years. and you've got this health care issue which now a lot of democrats claim needs to be fixed. why not stay up all night to talk about that. >> well they formed something called the global climate task force. task force for everything. martha: oh a task force, that is exciting. >> headed by boxer around sheldon whitehouse from rhode island. and in order to kick that off they decided they would have this talkathon. i'm not quite sure i understand the politics behind it but, i understand certainly the issue is -- but i think it is probably not what people would expect to see a senator stay up all night. we've had example of this with ted cruz doing this on obamacare and even though a lot of people care about obamacare, a lot of them laughed him off the floor. he stayed for 27 hours. i don't think they will get a whole lot of mileage out of
6:38 am
this. >> not just the politics bob, doesn't make any sense it is substance. we have been flat on carbon emissions recently, largely because of natural gas revolution. china and india are driving this. 35 gigatons carbon going into the atmosphere every year. we're less than 1/6 of that. we could eliminate all our carbon would be immediately made up by others. if they are worried so much they should go on a tour, to on a long trip to china and india and tour those countries say you guys shut down your coal plants and get nowhere on this because they will not hurt -- >> carbon dioxide every year put in the by united states. yes, you're right, india, developing nations. came to the stage late. they won't sign protocols except that george bush signed the copenhagen agreement said we will not allow the climate to increase two percentage points if it does that is catastrophic and -- >> beyond our power bob. we don't control this. this is global phenomenon.
6:39 am
so we can do whatever we want here and hurt our own economy and hurt our manufacturing and send it overseas but china and india aren't that stupid and they're not going to do the same. we are powerless to do anything about it. >> is that an argument? >> they think it is serious problem. >> is that argument to poisons in the air because other guy is not doing it. >> they are not poisons. that is absurd. martha: big stink about it -- >> my guess won't get much treadway or traction. martha: won't get here either. >> i think american public is not keyed into global warming reality it is real and i think it is, long-term -- trying to sell long-term issue to people in this country. they're in the short term immediate issues. >> you have to sell it and sell it to china. fact is over last 15 years, global warming is plateaued. at same time we pump more and more carbon in ats to mere. there is lot we don't understand. >> one thing we could do natural gas we have more of anybody else. >> here, here. martha: bingo.
6:40 am
>> would be better off. martha: a lot of agreement on that one. bob and rich, thank you very much. bob, we'll see you tonight. bill: quick check of markets. dow closing 16,400 on monday. we'll keep eye on the markets. apparently not a whole economic news to chew up on or chew out on or chew over or any of that chewing stuff. 16,407 at the moment. martha. martha: when we come back we'll talk about the missing jumbo jet. how does this happen? where out there in that vast ocean or even on land is malaysia airways flight 370? why officials are saying that finding this plane may be a lot harder than you might think. bill: also "the beebs" showing serious attitude. justin bieber legal deposition with attorneys showing the pop star may need to act more like an adult next time. >> remember earlier today, when
6:41 am
i asked you? >> no. >> why don't you listen to what i had to say first, then maybe tell me less or no. >> i don't have to listen to anything you have to say. >> let's not argue. go ahead. co: i've always found you don't know you need a hotel room
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or, i could not book a hotel room and put my cellphone back into my pocket as if nothing happened. i don't need it right now.
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martha: today marks three years since an earthquake and tsunami devastated japan. the magnitude 9 earthquake sparking a tsunami that wiped out entire communities. who can forget these unbelievable pictures from that event. it killed more than 15,000 people. and then, if that was not bad enough, it led to nuclear crisis. more than 2,000 victims still said to be unaccounted for in that tragedy. today, those who were lost are being honored. memorials held in towns and cities across japan where people have said prayers for their loved ones. in one coastal town, a long siren sounding at the exact moment that the quake hit.
6:45 am
bill: the maimages of two iranians who are traveling with stolen passports on a missing jetliner are now public. these are said to be the two men just before boarding. they have found no reason to think this was terrorism. would be better marks former air traffic controller. >> good morning, i will show the audience a few maps. everybody has a theory. what's yours? >> the theory depends on how long it takes to the find the airplane. i believed originally the airplane simply exploded. why we can't find any parts, any piece, only a couple of possibilities. either if it did explode it exploded in such a way that it was really, really destroyed, or we're looking in the wrong place. i think that is why they're probably going to start expanding the search area.
6:46 am
i think we are looking in the wrong place. bill: you know they have done that, robert, already. i will show the viewers the two redboxes where the search has been expanded here. this is the original flight path out of kuala lumpur up to beijing. expand it one time. this is bit close-up view. this is big plane but this is huge ocean too. earlier we talked about the depths of sea being 300 maximum depth. south china sea here. gulf of thailand here. and demand sea. that cuts down here. you have a lot of lot of water, robert clearly. you have a little bit of land when you go into vietnam. you have jungle north of there as well. you say a jet this size, if it were just to glide at at an altitude of 35,000 feet it could move 90 to 100 miles in either direction that really is a riddle, robert. >> of course it is. if it had been just gliding, say
6:47 am
the engines run out of fuel or something else happened they should have still been able to find them on radar or what we call adsb to locate them and track them. the fact they completely dropped out of sight is the part that is very strange and that leads me to think either the aircraft was inches instantaneously destroyed, or somebody turned off the electronics in the cockpit because they didn't want to be seen. bill: that is interesting. even with the loss of oxygen in the cabin, and even if you were to glide for 100 miles, you would be able to pick that up because you could follow the transponder right, if the transponder is on, is that what you're saying? >> exactly. the depending on the kind of tracking system they have in malasia, i'm not sure if they're using primary radar, they could actually see a return from the actual airplane with the transponder off. they didn't even see that. so again, we're going to have to
6:48 am
start expanding the search. i think we'll also have to start expanding our ideas, that maybe if we thought we knew what happened, maybe we need to look at things maybe didn't seem very likely. bill: how much consideration do you give pilots suicide in a case like this? >> well, i know there has been comparisons to this and the egyptian airplane that went down out of new york a few years ago. i, it is hard to believe. i mean that is a very strange kind of a reaction for somebody that's a pilot but it's not unheard of. however, even if that were the case, even if they turned off the electronics, somebody still should have been able to see something on the way down i think. bill: you say this will likely change aviation. i guess when you have catastrophic events it tend do that but in what sense now do you make that statement? >> well, i think that after the
6:49 am
air france accident you know there was a great deal of talk early on that said, this couldn't happen because we were looking at an issue of pilots losing control of the airplane and what we have come to find is that pilots losing control of the airplane is probably the number one cause of accidents today in large aircraft. and, what went on in this particular aircraft, whether it was a, whether it was a suicide, whether it was a hijacking that has been cleverly pulled off that we just can't even possibly imagine, whether it was a, detonation of some kind of an explosive we have never dealt with before, that so completely obliterated the airplane they can't find any pieces? or some forced issue but always seems to be we have some of the boxes checked that there is not much room for wiggle but when something like this happens, there always seems to be
6:50 am
something that people just can't imagine. we don't know quite what it is yet but i have a feeling it is coming. bill: thank you, sir. robert marks in chicago. the chinese are get being impatient. they sent a message to malaysia. they want the search to speed up. they want more to be done. they redirected 10 of their satellites in orbit to go on new mission to search here and come off earlier missions, earlier original command for those satellites. robert marks, thank you for your time. >> you're most welcome bill. bill: martha. martha: a climber falls while repelling off a mountain in north carolina and the dramatic rescue you must see. bill: wow. justin bieber singing a new tune, martha, like you never heard him before i bet. ♪ ♪
6:51 am
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at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal.
6:54 am
martha: as promiseds here is the bieber update. he is not responding all that well to being on the hot seat so far. video clips from a deposition just released show the pop star giving prosecutors a big load of attitude. watch this. >> didn't hear your response. again, sir -- >> i didn't finish, i didn't finish. >> i'm sorry. sorry to interrupt. >> you didn't want to interrupt. >> please answer my question. >> i'm pretty sure we've been on this same question for about two hours now so. martha: whoo showed off the bieber charm when asked to watch a video of the incident in question. watch this. >> would you please look at the film that is up there. >> this is a film?
6:55 am
this is a film? >> pause it. would you please watch the television. >> you said it's a film. you said watch the film. is this a film. >> is there a difference between a film and something else? >> yes. >> okay. would you please watch the screen and see the image that is appear on them, please, sir. martha: oh, my god. unbelievable. julie banderas is here. unbelievable, right? >> i know. you're all shaking your head, what? what did we just what? in trouble with the law it is usually not a good idea to peeve off a but not if you're justin bieber. for a lawsuit filed by a photographer who claims bieber ordered violence against paparazzi the pop star is condescending and arrogant. appears to rest his eyes at one point but bieber really blows up when lawyers brought up his on and off again relationship with selina gomez and storms out after a line of questioning. >> don't ask me about her again.
6:56 am
>> sir -- >> go on -- >> don't ask me about her again. don't ask me about her again. >> have you -- >> don't ask me about her again. >> you know what? stop. >> got to take a break. >> don't ask me about her again. don't ask me about her again. >> let's take a break. [inaudible] >> bieber is not a belieber of the justice system. martha: wow. one point it seemed like even he wanted to take back some of his words. >> he wanted to eat his words all right. in another clip he mocks the lawyer for bringing up mentor usher. the name sound familiar. he asked if the usher discovered him. >> on youtube. i think that i was detrimental to my own career. >> and that is justin bieber for you. the best of the beebs. martha: he meant to say instrumental, but he was
6:57 am
detrimental to his career which might have been a freudian slip. >> a little bit. bill: is that a film? is that a film? martha: seriously. bill: new trouble for the white house. republicans launching obamacare of website their own. launching top tech engineers in a push for congress. >> before
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> anger over obamacare could turn into the votes and republicans are hoping for that. they are building a database for people that were canceled under the law right before the elections. welcome to americas news hours. i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. >> could this turn into a treasure-trove for republicans
7:01 am
in the midterms and beyond? steve is here with us. are they barking up the right tree? >> i think this is a pretty smart undertaking by the republicans. a motivated voter would be something told they can keep their health insurance and it was canceled. this is who the republicans should target and use efforts to target and get them to the polls. >> this has been an area that has been criticized about. they had a database were knew how to turn out voters. does it look like the republicans are going about this the right way? >> i think it does. the first part of fixing a problem is recognizing there is a problem. and there is no question the folks leading the rnc have been
7:02 am
pushing to remedy the problems you point to. they are brought on new people, started additional efforts to try to bring in new data that will allow them to target better. this is an example of that undertaking. >> we know the white house and democrats are trying to take the opposite tact on this because they delayed how long you can keep your junk plan as they call it and are hoping people won't get the cancelations letter. >> this is damage control for the whitehouse. you had a good number of people who received the letters so they decided to push the problem back beyond 2014 and perhaps beyond 2016. everybody has been affected by this law or knows somebody
7:03 am
directly who has been or in touch with somebody who has been affected by this law. this is the thing republicans will seek to capitalize on. >> is this race in florida a bell weather? >> it is a toss up. the jolly campaign has had trouble. it is a coin flip. steve, thank you very much. on obamacare, time is running up to sign up. march 31 is the deadline. that number of enrollees is behind. 33 delays since 2012 as well.
7:04 am
>> the president is going to great lengths to sell and market the insurance to younger people as well. there is a pretend talk show on the internet getting a lot of attention. here is a little bit of it: >> have you heard of >> what did you come here to plug? >> it is fair i would not be here if i didn't have anything to pass. have you heard about the afford? >> the site that doesn't work well? >> it works great now >> would you sign up because of that interview? why or why not? send us tweets and you can talk about whether or not you think
7:05 am
the president should go to that venue and if zack is funny. >> zack was playing the role rather well. >> keep them coming. and more developments in the irs targeting scandal, the congress committee has released a report that shows lois lerner's involvement in the targeting of conservatives. remember, she wouldn't answer any questions last week. we will dig through the report. >> a corruption trial is wrapping up from the big-time democratic donor is accused of chanling more than $6,000 for a
7:06 am
campaign for hilary clinton during the previous election. tell us about the guilty plea, doug. >> jeffrey thompson is his name and he admitted to handing out over $608,000 to pay for campai campaign services in support of political candidates for the united states. they are talking about hilary clinton here. he has agreed to cooperate >> we will enter a new phase that seeks to hold those accountable that tried to hide things from the public >> he diverted the money along with troy white.
7:07 am
the announcement by the united states said quote there is no indication the presidential candidate was personal aware of thompson's elicit activities. >> and are others associated with this? >> the governor of virginia was involved in this but he hasn't been implemented. other donations went to herald ford junior and many others on
7:08 am
the list like harry reid and such. we will continue to follow this story. >> fox news alert. major developments in the deepening mystery surrounding that missing malaysian airline jet. interpole released this picture of the iranian's boarding the plane at the same time. david is live and what can you tell us about these two men? >> well, from what we understand from interpole and they released photographs of these 19-year-old and 30-year-old. they ruled out the 19-year-old because his mother says he was looking to get asylum.
7:09 am
investigators in asia are not ruling anything out whether it is terrorism, pilot error, or even suicide of the crew. >> a lot to be learned in this sto story still. one state is seeing green -- $2 million in taxes. is this the right way to go? >> and a harrowing ordeal with a mountain climber injured and trapped on a cliff. he fell to that point. the daring chopper rescue that saved him. >> and evidence putin might be . ambassador bolton is here to talk about that. >> putin violated international
7:10 am
law. there is no legal justification for this action. if the president sits out and does nothing, he is going to go down in history as a weak leader. leader. so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave?
7:11 am
7:12 am
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geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. north carolina here, a repeler falling 20-40 feet and his companion called 911 and rescue crew arrived. they were hoisted into a black hawk then transferred to another hospital and taken to the hospital in charlotte. no word on his condition. our russian forces already going past crimea and starting to push deeper into ukraine. ukraine is reporting the officers have moved north driving armored personal
7:14 am
carriers in the region. and bill o'reilly explained why he thinks this is putting the president at a cross roads. >> the european union wasn't right. putin clearly violated international law. what will the president do? the answer is unclear and anti-obama forces are pounding the president. if the president sits this out he is going to go down as a weak leader. >> joined by john bolton. ambassad ambassador, good morning. what do you make of the latest news? when you read the accounts of the region where they are pushing north, they are very
7:15 am
frightened about the movement. >> i don't think those people are frightened. they probably welcome this. this is putin's negotiation style. put your foot on their neck and say let's talk. my view is putin is playing for the entire country and wants a government that will be subservant to russian interest. it is consistent with plan b to partition the country. but i think putin is playing for the whole thing. >> if he does continue to move into further areas, and there are parts of this new region where they are hanging ukraineian flags and fighting to replain part of ukraine. that does put a revive questioned on the lack of president obama. this is sound from ralph peters
7:16 am
on this. >> i don't like putin. he is a cruel man. but he has his vision, knows what he wants and will do what it takes to get it. president obama is always -- i think he worried about the political implications of what he has for breakfast. >> what do you think about that? >> that is right. putin is determined to reestablish russian power in the space of the former soviet union. he knows ukraine is the big prize and if he prevails there other countries are in trouble, including nato countries. you can talk about international law which has been a major subject in president obama's three conversations with vladimer putin and all that tells putin is obama is on a different planet. this is a question of force.
7:17 am
and putin is winning. >> we have heard the president refer to the fact he thinks putin has different lawyers and he is not paying alot of attention to the lawyers and international law. in terms of what the president can do, if he wanted to be force full, what would he do? >> he has to stay the united states, as in 2008, favors bringing a democratic ukraine into the nato. this isn't about integration into the european union. this is about power and security. until we show putin we are prepared to bring ukraine in the western security alliance he is not going to pay attention. the sanctions are pinpoints. freezing russian assets is
7:18 am
something we have been talking about for three weeks, do you think they are waiting for them to be frozen? >> why not bring ukraine into the nato? >> that is what we proposed in april of 2008. four months later, russia invaded georgia. we have to it get the europeans on board and that is not a small task. it isn't too late, though. obamacare on the ballot, republicans have been all over that law for years, but now with elections right around the corner are democrats starting to jump ship? >> and brand new developments in the case of a mother who drove here three children in the ocean. >> we got to the land, and we saw a kid sitting on the mother's lap trying to pull the steering wheel out of her hand and turn away from the water. and kid in the back was
7:19 am
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7:22 am
florida is trying to decide where to place the three children who were in their pregnant mother's van who she drover her and her children into the water. the children are in protective custody for now. >> i cannot discuss any matters concerning this because there is a court order in place. assuming anyone would intenti intentionly do this to their children is very disturbing. >> the mother is facing three
7:23 am
attempted murder charges. democrats switching sides on capital hill in the fight against obamacare. three bills up in the house pushing for big changes and expected to pass with democratic support to a degree. mike emanual is live. how are these votes different? >> they are targeted measures, nibbling around the edges if you will, and are expected to get house democrat support. there is the access to care and health act that expands the definition of release exemption and this would exempt veterans from being in the employer m mandate since they receive health care from the va. and trying to make sure volunteer fire departments are
7:24 am
not comply with the mandate because that should shutdown the emergency activities. these bills require a 2/3rd threshold and designed to show they have strong bipartisan support in the house. >> what is going on in the senate relative to this? >> house lawmakers, republicans and democrats, are hoping harry reid will feel the pressure. there are a 195 stalled bills and 31 authored by house democrats. they are the minority in the house and got the bill passed but the democrats in the senate are not taking it up. so it is called the harry reid do-nothing senate. >> we will keep track of it that. thank you, mike.
7:25 am
democrats that are anxious could be turned after an election in florida today. >> and is the marijuana tax money in colorado right? we will debate that coming up.
7:26 am
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there are key races you will want to keep an eye as we go toward the 2014 elections. we are seeing signs that obamacare could play a crucial role when voters step into the booth. there is a special election underway in florida for a seat in the house. it shaping up to be a test ground on obamacare. carl cameron is live in washington. tell everybody at home, carl, why the florida race is so important to keep an eye on. >> greg waldon just said this seconds ago talking to reports: he said these types of special elections are not going to determine what is going to happen on the general election day, but they show which issues are potent and obamacare is
7:30 am
playing big. dave jolly and alex sync, have been in a tough battle and the funds spent are well into a millions. next week, there is a governor's race in illinois. pat quinn is one of the most at-risk democrat governors up. and the 13th district, freshman republican congressman rodney davis is facing challenge from erica herald who graduated from harvard law is a peppering the internet with law videos. nothing in april, but heating up
7:31 am
in may for the battle of the senate. >> what happens in may? >> they start on the second and third tuesday. west virginia has an open seat. a democrat retired and republicans have targeted that one. that is a big primary and it will set the stage for what could be a gop win in fall. the same is the case in nebraska where a republican retired and the gop have to keep that. but arkansas, georgia, and all of these competitive primary races and in many of them the democrats are vulnerable. >> i can feel the wheels turning. the campaign motion chugging across the nation. thank you so much. we know this well. >> stay healthy, my friend.
7:32 am
>> colorado is seeing lots of green now pot is legal. they made more than $2 million and were expecting a lot more. as we said, pulling in $2.1 million in taxes. lars larson and ebony turner is here. how are you doing? >> doing great, bill. >> i don't know what colorado makes on admission testing. i don't know what they bring on the sale of license plates. but $2 million in recreational pot. times 12 would be $24 million. they said they would make $130-$134 million.
7:33 am
that was the expectation of the recreational and medical use as well. what do you think of $2 million? >> once the government figures out they can make money, they mean get hooks in it is stay there. it is bad news for americans. i happen to live in a state where they made marijuana legal and the sales are going to start in washington state in the next couple months. about ten days after made legal, a pedestrian was mowed down by a driver in a neighborhood by a guy who came to washington state to smoke pot his friends and told the cops he was high. this is going to be the consequence that people are not calculating in as they are going down to buy soda and chips at
7:34 am
the convenience store. >> what do you think of the early results, ebony? >> lars makes a good point. all money isn't good money. but what i think is interesting is colorado is taking steps to embrace the dangers. gambling and tobacco is still an issue for a lot of people. so they are trying to structure some regulations. and we are bringing in tax dollars and revenue and how is that being spent? targeting impaired driving and teenage drug use. but we need to see more. >> $40 million goes straight to
7:35 am
school. pot sales going straight to school. you had a case near denver, where middle school students who were busted for bringing marijuana to school. >> that is right. and this is going to be a big problem because you have the thousand foot rule that says you cannot grow it within a thousand feet of school. i work in oregon and we have had medical marijuana for more than a decade. and they have people growing to to get high in their yards next to the school yard. you tell me the kids wouldn't get their hands on it when it is growing outside of the school >> once the government sees the stream of revenue, you don't think the governor is going to let go of it? >> no, and they usually dedicate it to things and bond it out and that means they are obligated to
7:36 am
do it for decades in the future. there is money that is not good money. in this case we have decided to hang health care, schools and a lot of other good efforts on some really bad money from a bad source that has bad conscioeques we cannot calculate. >> i think this is important this is state-by-state decided thing. we are talking about the culture of a state. i live in a state, california, that has regulated medical marijuana legal for a while now. it is up to each state to decide. every state is going to look at colorado. will it destroy sensibility of the state? we will wait with baited breath to see. >> in california, is the state make money off the marijuana sales? >> not to this degree.
7:37 am
it is only medicinal at this point so the recreational sale and industry we are seeing in colorado to the tune of $2 million in tax revenue, california isn't seeing that yet. but it would not surprise me to see it going in that direction. there is a movement for that out here growing stronger and stronger. >> washington state is another test case >> yup. >> thank you, lars and ebony. 23 before the hour. >> check out these photos. can you tell the difference? new york city mayor is being compared to obama and calling them twins. we will ask you what you think. >> a cat trapping a family in the bedroom. >> i am unsafe around the cat. it is large him layian and he is not letting us out of the door.
7:38 am
himilyialayan himalayan
7:39 am
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7:41 am
attitude. his name is lux and he had a visit from the police in portland, oregon. he was scratching the owner's 7-month-old and they swated him away and he attacked them. they had to lock themselves in a room. here is the exchange. >> he is at our bedroom door. he is charging us. do you hear him? >> keep your door shut, okay. >> you buying this? >> yes. >> police were able to contain the cat. the baby was fine. the family is still figure out whether or not they will give lux away to another lucky owner. >> i am sure they are going to be lining up to take that cat. that will happen.
7:42 am
back to the battle over charter schools in new york and it is leading people to ask if the mayor in this state is similar to the president? michael goodwin is writing his habit of lecturing and believing talking is doing makes him a twin of president obama. think of them as o-blasio. this isn't the first time their agenda has been compared. listen to them speaking about inequality. >> the combined trends of increased inequality and decreased mobility pose a threat to our way of life. >> the state of the city is a tale of two cities with an inequality gap that is
7:43 am
threatening our future. it must not and it will not be ignored by your city government. >> former new york city senator al demato is here. good to see you. welcome back to the show. what do you think of the comparison? >> i think it is sad. we are a great city of opportunity. people from all over the world come to this country.
7:44 am
by taxing those who are making more so you can get it too lower realm -- >> that is what we wants to do. tax the rich to pay for a pre-kindergarten program in new york. >> if that was the only way to raise the revenue, i would say let's do it. let's give every kid an opportunity. i am for universal pre-k. i have a 4-year-old who is in pre-k. but let me say this, when the governor says i will give you a money, but you insist on taxing just for the sake of taxing the wealthy, that is wrong. you don't discriminate. when you over tax the people who are spending the money, and 80% of the revenue comes from the
7:45 am
top 2%, you will drive them out and they will take jobs and money they pay and the taxes they pay with them. so it is unfortunate they think they should take away from others to increase inequality. >> both of them had highs in the 50s in the polls and now president obama is around 38-39% and so is bill de blasio. he is off to difficult start. >> it is unfortunate. and he did bring pre-k to the were -- forefront -- and that is important. when the governor said i will give you credit, he should have
7:46 am
said thank you. this business of going after charter schools is terrible. 90% of the people are at the co minorities. open more of them. create competition. schools shouldn't be a teacher tenor, it should be for our children. let's understand that. and let's have more charter schools and opportunity, particularly for the worker poor. >> why do you think he is against it? he pointed out he has approved several of the success academy charters. >> is -- it is the unions fighting for control. the kids are forgotten in this
7:47 am
battle. why not have the best education possible? they do it cheaper and better in many cases >> and does it make the other schools up their game? >> they have to work harded because they see success in one -- harded -- and that can only improve the public schools. it isn't that we don't need them. people are clamoring to get into them. in new orleans, they have about 90% those kids going to charter schools. >> thank you, senator. always good to have you here. >> didn't know that about the big easy. president obama having fun here with zack here on an internet talk show. here they are taking jabs at each other. >> i have to know what is it
7:48 am
like to be the last black president? >> what is is it like for this to be the last time you ever talk to a president? >> it must stink you can't run three times >> i think it is good idea. if i ran a third time, it would be like doing a third hangover movie. didn't work out, well did it? i have seen this show before and some of the episodes have been better. the one with bradley cooper was great. he carried that one. >> which film are you speaking of? >> those hangover movies. basically, he carried them. >> everybody loves bradley. good for him. >> good looking guy. >> being like him is easy. trying to be short, fat and smell like doritos is hard. >> it is going to be hard when you are no longer president and
7:49 am
people stop letting you win? >> how does it feel having a three inch vertical? >> it is horizontal. >> they went back and forth and the president did this to reach young audiences. >> the whitehouse is proud of this and putting it on their website. >> 21 days until the senate ends. jenna lee is standing by on "happening now" >> bill you are better than bradley cooper. just so you know. >> i was great in that movie. >> i bet we have all played a similar part in that movie. here is what we will talk about. we continue to ask the question
7:50 am
unlit about how a jumbo jet vanished and new information in the oscar pistorius trial. and which do you put first? your kids or smart phone? many parents are shown to be absorbed with devices and it is effecting their families. we will tell you how next. >> the maverick taking a turn on late night television after john mccain said during a sit down with david letterman. >> and one business owner taking a personal stand against russia's latest moves in ukraine. how about that? >> the russian aggression in the crimea and ukraine is going against my grain. they are trying to push all of the western civilization to the brink.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
the man believed to be the country's oldest mayor is seeking a 20th term in office. cool stuff. here is steve hair gin on this. >> 18 miles north of orlando, in apopka there is one polling station. and this man held the job who harry trueman was running. there are two secrets to get elected for 61 years. tell the truth. >> you are held to what you say
7:55 am
you will do. >> the second is love. >> i love apopka. it is loving the people of this area, really. and i think i fell in love with them back when i was five years old. and the people would walk by the home place, which i am still living at the same place, and made friends. >> reporter: at age 93, he runs orange country's second largest city. he has four opponents in the march election. red light cameras, beer sells on sunday and downtown development are hot button issues. no one says the mayor is too hold. >> i admire john land and respect him. i would not care if he was 103 if the city is living up to their potential.
7:56 am
>> reporter: slogans includi longer be tolerated. >> no, they won't. thank you. you saw justin beiber putting on the performance of a life time but not on stage.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
bill: just a quick note in the last hour we showed you a picture of several lawmakers. one was reverend jesse jackson. we should have sown you a picture of his son, the former congressman, jesse jackson , jr.,, serving jail time. that was our mistake. want to make sure we corrected that. >> this line i use way too much about our approval rating of congress is 12% you know. we're down to paid staffers and blood relatives. you know that is pretty good line. i got a call from my mother the other day. she is 102. we're now down to paid staff.
8:00 am
martha: his mother is an amazing woman. she is 102 now. god bless her and john mccain making funny stuff on david letterman last night. he was here before he went there. bill: knocking it out of the park. thanks for coming by yesterday. martha: "happening now" starts right now. bye-bye. jon: fox news alert as the jon: fox news alert as the jetliner expands. we're learning two men traveling on it and link to iran. interpole release images of a two men, 19-year-old and 29-year-old who initially traveled on their own passports to malaysia and switching to italian and austrian documents. word is the teen was trying to seek asylum. interpole doesn't believe they had any links to terrorism. the plane with 239 people on board disappeared four days ago.


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